to be known
by the love we have for one another

[John 13:35]

The Vision

The vision of One Life Church is to create a family experiencing, celebrating and sharing the love our Father has for humanity.


At One Life we are learning that there is no end to experiencing and enjoying God's desire to love us.
Our services are designed to feel more casual as we navigate life as believers.  We find oneness in always looking for opportunities like Jesus did: to heal, speak words of restoration, and find joy in each other's journey being One with Father God.


Prayer, Baptism and Communion are cornerstones to refocusing on the joy and comfort Jesus is to us!
Prayer: the language of our hearts as new creations.  We offer thanksgiving and agree the Father has promised every good thing is ours to enjoy now.
Baptism:  Jesus entrusted His disciples to practice "believe and be baptized!" as they went.  We are new and made one with God as new creations: the old is gone and the new has come!
Communion: We enjoy remembering Jesus as our Savior and that we have free relationship with Him.


We are a group of people who really like to hang out! We do life together:
high notes, low notes and everything in between.  Together is better!
It's messy, but at least 
we can encourage each other on the way. 

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